This gamemode is yet to be in beta but it is a custom survival. You will be able to join guilds with your friends and go to the shops. Everything in the shops will be extremely expensive and get you little money by selling. There will also be a pvp arena where you can fight people and have fun. You could even make a house and invite your friends around! There will be so much to do in survival.


This is the first and main game on Quacktopia. When you first log onto the server you are put in plots. To claim your plot do /p auto and you will be teleported there. To let people build when your online do /p add (player) to let people build all the time do /p trust (player) and to keep people out do /p deny (player) and to stop everyone but trusted do /denyall. To go to friends plots do /p h (player) Remember you can only have ONE plot so make sure to use space wisley.



In eggs you will be spawned in a lobby. To join a game click a sign or do /pb join (game). Players will be divided into 2 teams and the aim of the game is to shoot the other team and not get shot. You can get powerrups by buying things with the points you earn every kill. To get there do /eggs.


Nests has been in beta but isn’t playable at the moment due to it being remade. Nests is skywars. You will spawn in a lobby. When you enter the game you will spawn in a cage on your own floating island with some chests. The aim is to be the last one alive be careful though if you fall off you will die. There is also a middle area with good loot, be carful though many people go there so be ready to fight.

Birdy Builders:

This is Quacktopia‘s version of Build Battle. When entering this mode by doing /birdy you will be greeted by a message warning you that if you build something inappropriate you will be banned from the entire server. There are two modes inside of Birdy Builders, duos and solo. The aim is to build the theme in around five minutes.

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