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On my plot there are loads of cool things to explore and do! You could take a trip and look at the staff, go to the info room and see all the useful items to help ya around on Quacktopia.

But you should definitely take a trip down the Imagination Room, you will be greeted by three floors filled with memories and things Sqaishey has said she loves. There are side rooms which are often off topic but still cool to check out.

Finally there is the Imagination Inc, the tall skyscraper that stands incredibly high in the sky. The tower reaches world height and at the top there is a viewing area which spans the entire plot. The other floors are full of cool and exciting things so definitely check it out. The tower now even goes down to bedrock as well so the tower in total is 20*20*255, each floor is a unique idea including hedge maze and toilets!

I have also made my imagination full of stuff that I think about, this build almost mirrors the Sqaishey imagination in exterior dimensions.

There is also now a QT museum which I built after the last one was cleared, this has lots of exhibits of things from the olden days on Quacktopia, even including the first Scaretopia award.

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Written by hicupalot.

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