This is one of the plots that you will definitely see as this is where you spawn in first of all. You can get here by doing /spawn or /hub. It is decorated for lots of holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. When you do /quack to get back to the plot server from another mode. See the full page here

Community Games

This plot is owned and created by Dolphin_Splash. It has many fun games that you can play. Some can be played alone, some with others and some benefit from having staff there. Staff members who usually work there are Ayakamu (April) or Melomari (Tate). Some games include parkour, bingo, a feather game where a person says a colour and all people on that feather colour are out and much more. See the full page here

Party Plot

This plot is owned by Duckzone(official plot owner), it is created to have parties at as the name suggests. There is a lot to do there. See the full page here

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