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This is the list of all commands which can be used on the Plots Server. If the command here has (player) written after that, it means you put the name of the player without the brackets for instance /p trust (player), if you wanted to trust Sqaishey, would be /p trust Sqaishey

Commands To Use On Your Plot

  • /p auto- This is used to get a plot to build on, you can only use this command once as you can only have one plot.
  • /p trust (player name) - This is used to allow the targeted player to always build on your plot (not recommended as this can lead to griefing)
  • /p add (player name) - This will allow the targeted player to build on your plot while you are online.
  • /p kick (player name) - This will force the targeted player to spawn if they are in your plot.
  • /p deny (player name) - This will ban the targeted player from your plot, they do not have to be in your plot for you to use this.
  • /p remove (player name) - This will either un-trust, un-deny or un-add the targeted player from your plot. To remove all users do /p remove *.
  • /denyall- This will deny ALL players from your plot WARNING this can remove ALL players as well (all trusted and added).
  • /p setalias (alias) - This will set your plots alias, for instance /p setalias bob will make it so you can do /p h bob as well as your username. Please beware that only one person can use an alias at any one given time.
  • /plotsun- This makes the weather sunny on your plot.
  • /plotrain- Makes the weathy rainy on your plot.
  • /plotsnow- Makes the weather snowy on your plot. [Broken you must do /plotrain then /p setbiome taiga or another snowy biome.
  • /plotday- Sets the time to day
  • /noon - Sets your plot to noon (says set your pond to sunset but its will set it to noon)
  • /plotnight- Makes the plot time night.
  • /sunset - Sets your plot to sunset
  • /p clear- Clears your plot and makes it clean, this will not bring back the original schematic though.
  • /p confirm- Is needed for some commands like /p clear.
  • /p sethome- sets the spawn location of the plot to where you are standing.
  • /p setdescription- sets the description of the plot on /p i
  • /p setbiome - Will list all biomes that your plot can be set to, if you then add one of the biomes from the list given it will set your plot to that biome.

Commands That Can Be Done On Any Plot

  • /p i - This shows plot information, Can only be done inside a plot (you can do this on your plot to).
  • /p middle - This will take you to the middle of the plot, if there is a high point in the middle it will teleport you to the top when this command is performed (Can be done on your plot to).
  • /p chat or /pc- Toggles plot chat which will allow you to talk with only the people in the plot. (If you leave the plot, it ISNT toggled off but it will send messages in main chat, if you re-enter the plot however, it will send future messages in plot chat till the user either disables it or leaves the plot)

This is an example of a plot info.

Commands Which Work Anywhere

  • /p h (playername)- Allows you to visit another players plot, you can also do /p v (playername). You can also replace the playername with the plot alias or the plot id.
  • /spawn - Takes you to spawn
  • /eggs-1 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-2 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-3 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-ffa-1 - Takes you to the eggs free for all lobby
  • /banner- Brings up a GUI in which you can make custom banners, it will bring up the colour then you can select the pattern, you are able to select more then one pattern and colour
  • /rules - Gives you the rules which have to be followed on ALL of Quacktopia
  • /discord - Gives you the link to join the Quacktopia Discord.
  • /tag - Sets your notifications on Quacktopia

Fun Commands

  • /opme - Ops you then deops you
  • /dab - Yes.
  • /dave - Poor Dave
  • /telltime - Why don't you get a watch
  • /unicorn - Gives you a unicorn horn!
  • /poppy - Gives you a poppy on your head
  • /plotcommands - to be made!
  • /mypoints - Tells you the amount of Quack Points you have
  • /funcommands - To be made
  • /misccommands - to be made
  • /helps - Brings up a music menu
  • /magic - Aww no permission!
  • /mailbox1 - The old info message about mailboxes
  • /store - the info message about the Quacktopia Store
  • /dab - Good Idea
  • /panic - Good idea


  • All commands in the "Commands to use on your plot" can ONLY be done in a plot, they will not work otherwise.
  • The commands in "Commands to use on your plot" will only work on your own plot, unless you are a staff member, in which case you can do them on any plot.
  • Helpers override /p deny and /p kick and they are automatically trusted to all plots and can build on them without permission although they won't do this,unless your build breaks the rules.
  • All /p commands can have the /p replaced with either /pond or /plot