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This Page shows all the blocks and items which can be bought with iron and gold or emerald or diamond (gold can bae obtained through an island upgrade and diamonds and emeralds through islands which are spread around the map. The shop Items will be grouped by category and with their corresponding shop prices.

Quacktopia 1


Block Price Description
16x Wool 4 Iron The Cheap Man's Building Block
8x Wood Planks 4 Iron More durable and less Friendly then Wool
8x Cobblestone 1 Gold A Solid Block for the richer duck
2x Obsidian 1 Emerald This one protected your egg long ago, in the end times


Weapon Price Description
Stone Sword 8 Iron Better then nothing :)
Iron Sword 4 Gold A reinforced blade for the wealthier duck
Diamond Sword 2 Emeralds We're Not Messing Around With This One...
Bow 8 Gold The Bridger's Bane, Arrows not included
4x Arrows 2 Gold An excellant compliment to the bow


Tool Price Description
Shears 2 Gold Sheariously Dangerous
Stone Pickaxe 8 Iron Budget Picking
Iron Pickaxe 4 Gold A Strong Pickaxe
Stone Axe 8 Iron A Budget Woodchopper
Iron Axe 3 Gold A Strong Woodchopper
Diamond Pickaxe 2 Emeralds


Misc Item Price Description
Enderpearls 5 Gold Zap yourself out of danger
Tnt 1 Diamond Blow away the enemy
Milk 1 Emerald Drink away the potions
Water Bucket 5 Iron Wash away the enemies

Quacktopia 2

Shop prices on PTE are the same as on QT1!