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Plot Commands

There are many commands which are good to know for Quacktopia, so you are able to explore and understand the server, this article will be split into three sections, commands you can do only on YOUR plot, commands you can do on any plot and commands you can do outside of a plot. All commands which you can do outside of the plot can also be done in plots!

Commands You Can Only Do On Your Plot

Plot prefixes can be abbreviated to /p, for example /plot add would also work if you did /p add.

/p add {username} - This allows you to add a player to your plot so they can build ONLY when you are online, if they try to do this elsewhen they will not be able to.

/p trust {username} - This allows the specified player to build on your plot at any time, when you are online OR offline

/p clear - Allows you to clear your plot to have a fresh start THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE

/p deny {username} - Allows you stop stop the specified player from entering your plot

/p remove {username} - Untrusts/Undenies/Un adds the specified user from your plot

/plotlayer- Allows you to set a layer covering the whole plot, one block thick below where you are standing

/plothollow - Removes the underneath of your plot

/undolayer - Undoes your last /plotlayer action

/undohollow - Refills in the plot

/waterclear - Clears all the water from your plot

/lavaclear - Clears all the lava from your plot

/p music - Set the music to play on your plot

/p kick {username} - Boots the player from your plot to spawn

/p delete - You can do this to DELETE your plot, beware you will lose your spot so you might move further from spawn

Commands You Can Do On Other Plots

/plot chat OR /pc - Allows you to speak to only people on that plot

/p info - See the info of the plot you are currently on for example the owner

Commands You Can Do Anywhere

/p visit {username} - Visit the specified users plot

/p home - Go to your plot

/ec - Open your enderchest

/anvil - Open an anvil

/craft - Open a crafting table

/armorcolor - Colour leather armour in a helpful GUI

/banner - Make a banner with a helpful GUI

/nv - Toggle night vision

/hub - Go to the spawn

/cg - Go to the community games hub

/rules - See the server rules

/chat server - Switches you to main chat

/creativemenu - Gives you help on using commands

/tpa {username} - Asks a user to teleport to them

/tpahere {username} - Asks a user to teleport to you

/tpaccept - Allows the user who requested to teleport to teleport

/tpdeny - Denies the teleport request

/tptoggle - Stops people from asking to teleport to you

/ignore {username} - Stop seeing a users messages in chat [You can't do this to Staff]

/unignore {username} - Allows a user to message you again

/skull {username} - Gives you the head of that player!