This event is to celebrate the Christmas period, much like Halloween we get prefixes to mirror Christmas, there is also a big party (not normally on the 25th as some people don’t join on that day, usually anywhere from the 20th-24th. However this date is normally publically announced).

Quackmas 2016

Not enough information, this section will be updated when more information is submitted.

Quackmas 2017

During the build up to the event prefixes were changed (i do not remember the default prefix) the staff were elves and all the admins had different prefixes such as Santa(Jamie) and Turkey(Sqaishey).

There was a massive party on the 23rd where we celebrated in discord by having calls and Christmas music, there was also a hub party.

Quackmas 2019

On this year there was a snowman building and Christmas tree decorating event, Sqaishey and other staff members went round to see the plots people were building on. There was also a party in a plot that was accessed by entering the house in the spawn. On this Quackmas there was also an Ugly Jumper competition and prettiest skin competition, judged by Sqaishey.

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