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Joining the Discord

First of all you must use this link in a browser window to be invited to the Quacktopia Discord Server (click here or do /discord on the Minecraft Server, if you aren't already in the discord). When you join you will be able to chat in some channels. To get the linked role you must login to Quacktopia (The Minecraft Server). When you are online on Quacktopia, you must type !link (your Minecraft username) in the discord, you will then get a command which you must use in-game.

Level 2 can be unlocked in roughly 14 minutes if you send one message a minute (XP is capped at 1 message a minute, if you send more during that minute you won't gain any more XP, this is to prevent people spamming for XP).

If you want the explanation from a Quacktopia Helper, here is the message that they put in the #link-minecraft channel, which you may view at any time.


This is an Helper's explanation of what to do

Arts and Crafts

You are always able to post messages in this channel. However to post photos/images you must have reached level 2. Along with this you will be able to post images in #other, #memes, #food and #pets

Discord Rules

The rules on the Quacktopia Discord are the same as the Network Rules.

Except with an extra rule:

Rule 21.

We do advise against posting pictures of yourself in the Quacktopia discord for safety reasons. However it is your choice & you won’t be punished unless it breaks any of the other rules. Please be mindful.

Rule 23:

23. Please note that punishments from other servers may carry over onto Quacktopia!

Role Information

There are quite a few Roles on the Quacktopia Discord, this is your guide for understanding what the roles mean:

Helper Roles:

Helper - This role has both Helper role on the Discord and on the Minecraft Server. They are the person to go to for an explanation on Minecraft Server Issues/If a person is being naughty on the Minecraft Server.

Player Roles:

Duckling: Ducklings are players which have chatted quite a lot on the Discord Server [Roughly 14 minutes] Please be aware spamming doesn't work as you only gain xp for one message a minute. Once you have received this role you will no longer level up. This allows you to send photos in media channels.

Linked: The Linked Role is for players who have linked their Minecraft Java account to their Discord Account.

Discord FAQ

How do you become a Quacktopia Helper? Helpers are helpful members of the Quacktopia community. Some are on the Discord & others on the Minecraft Server. You can’t ask to be a helper. Helpers are selected members of the community, chosen by Sqaishey. Even if you are not a Helper, it’s always appreciated to speak up on behalf of the rules. Thank you

Why can’t I post links? We try to do our best to keep everyone as safe as possible on Quacktopia. We have disabled links and added other safety features to ensure everyone has a more “secure” experience on our discord.

How come some people can post images but I can’t? You have to be linked your Minecraft account through Quacktopia to have access to post images on our Discord. You first have to chat in our discord for around 10 minutes then follow instructions in #link-minecraft. How do you write in Bold, Italics, Underline ect? Here is a list of ways to jazz up your messages in Discord

Are their any perks for Discord Boosters? There are no perks for boosting this Discord Server to make everyone feel equal & nobody wastes their money. Can I talk about ANY problem in #🤝advice-channel🤝? As long as your problem doesn't break any of the #📒rules📒 then you may speak about anything which is troubling you. Please make sure to cover your text with the spoiler text & add trigger warnings if necessary.

I am under 13 can I be in this Discord? I am afraid not under Discord Terms of Service you have to be 13+ to use Discord. You are more then welcome to play on the Minecraft Server though!

When can I @ a Helper? If there is an emergency you can @ one of the online Helpers/Discord Helpers, other then this you can only @ them if you know they are okay with it & you have permission.