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Hello there player! You are either a Quacktopian or you happened to stumble across this Wikipedia! If you haven’t already, you can join on Minecraft 1.13.2 Java Edition with the IP: This server is Child-Friendly, and is owned by Sqaishey,

Please go and check out the rules! You can advertise your plot on here, just please make sure you only make one page for it and add the category advertising.

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What Quacktopia is all about

Quacktopia is a server Network.

In the plot server, you are given your own plot of land which only you can build on, you may add and deny people from your plot. Adding people allows them to build. You are only able to claim one plot, you can claim this plot by doing /p auto. This plot goes up to world height and down to world bottom (256 blocks) and is 64 blocks long and 64 blocks wide. If you are inactive for more then 5 months your plot may be deleted, your plot will also be deleted if it has something inappropriate on it. If you need to know some of the plot commands there is an article that lists some here.

In the survival server, you are given some blocks per day and you use them to claim some land then use your money and resources to buy blocks to build up your house/building to survive. More information can be found here and here.

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