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Hello there player! You are either a Quacktopian or you happened to stumble across this Wikipedia! If you haven’t already, you can join on Minecraft 1.13.2(1.14 works to) Java Edition with the ip: The server is child friendly. Why not go and check out the rules? You can advertise your plot on here, just please make sure you only make one page for it and add the category advertising. This is community operated and not owned by quacktopia staff

The chat function on the side is text chat and not voice chat [Just for anyone who was worried about clicking on it]

What Quack is all about

Quacktopia is mainly a creative plot server but it is expanding into a server network. Some games are in beta and some haven’t yet been released but here is a list of games that were announced: Eggs (paintball) Survival (no custom name yet) Waddle Wars (Bedwars) Nests(Skywars) Birdy Builders (Build Battle) for more info go to games.

If you need to know some commands there is an article that lists some here.

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Quacktopia Does has a discord however I do not currently have a valid invite.


While making pages on this site we have some rules that you have to follow:

  • Any pages with personal information will be deleted without warning and depending on how much or how serious the information is the offender may be blocked.
  • Swearing will not be tolerated at all, this is a child friendly server and wiki please respect that.
  • Bulling isn't allowed on this wiki. Please be nice to everyone
  • All Quacktopia rules also apply.
  • Adding off topic pages/off topic categories will result in the person being blocked.
  • Adding bad info to another page such as a profile page or another users plot page will result in you being blocked
  • Please do not add things to the Official category :)
  • If someone unfortunately decides to break the rules, by for instance vandalising a page or writing rude comments, just tell a wiki admin or staff and it will be dealt with as soon as possible!
  • Please also use common sense, if something is wrong but not listed as a rule, dont do it

Quacktopia Wiki News.

All things in this section are official things or news released by the Admins or higher ranks that are for the community.


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