This server is safe and fun so it has to have some rules to keep it that way!

Plot Rules

(These ALSO have to be followed on the Wikipedia)

You can view this section of rules on the server by doing /rulez:

  1. The most important rule is NO Meanie Beanies.
  2. If you use bad language, you will be punished accordingly
  3. Any bullying of any kind will result in removal from the server.
  4. Please do not spam in main chat!
  5. Inappropriate plots will NOT be tolerated.
  6. Please respect all players on the server.
  7. If a player needs help, please help them!
  8. If you see any strange activities on this server, please report them to a staff member.
  9. No dating of any kind.
  10. Please don't give out personal information to strangers.
  11. No prisons, courts, or violent roleplays on plots.
  12. Please don't talk/build anything about religions or politics on the server.
  13. Please keep the chat to English.
  14. Don't talk about hacks or anything similar to this.
  15. Please don't grief anyones pond.
  16. Please have fun and enjoy this server.
  17. Please do not talk about other servers or realms on Quacktopia.

Quacktopia Network Rules

These rules have to be obeyed across ALL of the Minecraft Survivals, including but not exclusive to: eggs, survival and creative! These can be viewed by doing /rules on any server. You also should follow these rules on the wiki.

  1. Be respectful to all players and Staff Members.
  2. Being a bully, racist or toxic individual will not be tolerated.
  3. Advertising, promoting and recruiting is prohibited, this includes but is not limited to servers, networks, build teams, social media, communities and websites.
  4. For Safety reasons, please do NOT give out any personal or contact information to anyone.
  5. Your plot & account is your responsibility. If someone else has access to your account or you have added a trusted player to your plot & they break a rule, you are responsible/punishable.
  6. No Dating or Dating Role-Playing on the server
  7. Use of blacklisted modifications are prohibited.
  8. Copying or claiming builds that don't belong to you is not allowed.
  9. Building or posting images of inappropriate or offensive things is not allowed
  10. Do not type words, sentences or phrases that contain inappropriate or offensive content.
  11. Spamming or disruptive text will not be tolerated.
  12. Report anyone breaking these rules straight away using /report (username) & remember to take screenshots for staff to review. This makes the report more private than announcing it to the server.
  13. Report anyone breaking these rules straight away using /report (username) & remember to take screenshots for staff to review. This makes the report more private than announcing it to the server.
  14. On Discord, please do not @ mention staff in messages unless it is an emergency.
  15. Staff have permission to get involved and break up any disagreements on Quacktopia.
  16. If a player is struggling with something show them compassion. If it is a serious subject like mental health problems please direct them to staff.
  17. You will be blocked if you are harassing staff on social media.
  18. Do not send friend requests to Staff members or private message them. If you have a report do it using the report system.
  19. Trying to twist the wording of rules does not work and is punishable, the rules are set guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  20. HAVE FUN!

The judgement of a Staff Member is final.

Wikipedia Only Rules

These rules only need to be followed on the Wikipedia, and are not official server rules:

  1. Please only make one single page for your plot and make sure to add the category of advertising to it!
  2. Please don't add these categories to pages: Official, Official Pages, Important, Event, Games and Staff Category.
  3. Please make sure not to give out any personal information on pages :)
  4. All spelling and grammar must be done using English rules, such as "colour" instead of "color" as quacktopia is created and owned in England.
  5. Please note that all date should be written the British way: day/month/year. The only exception to this rule is 39715, which explicitly needs to be written in the American way.
  6. Please do not edit anyone else's plot page.
  7. Please do not edit anyone else's profile page.
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