Scaretopia is a annual event on Quacktopia. The main event is on Halloween where a big party usually happens. There is usually a build up to it throughout October. During the build up the spawn becomes spooky and players are given a Halloween related prefix in chat.

Scaretopia 2016:

This was the first Scaretopia of the new Quacktopia, in which we players were attacked by mobs such as giants and zombies. During this year there wasn't a discord server so there wasn't any spooky music to go along with it. The reward for surviving this year was a Jack-O-Lantern with the name 'I survived Scaretopia'. This Scaretopia was the longest by far, lasting untill midnight.

Scaretopia 2017:

This was the second Scaretopia where we players were attacked by Sqaishey’s dad whom killed us using magical powers while we were trying to run and hide. A discord call was also hosted with spooky music. For the finale they destroyed a copy of the world, this caused large amounts of lag but it was all fun. The reward for surviving this year was a piece of Rotton Flesh with the name 'I survived Scaretopia 2017.

Scaretopia 2018:

This year for the pre event, they changed the prefixes of players, default players were souls, staff were ghouls and admins had different ranks, Oasis9 had the rank of [how-daRE] and Zazeca had the rank of [Count]. The hub was also decorated for Halloween. During the Scaretopia party, the Staff and Admins, killed players repetitively, but it was all in the spirit of fun! During the event, spooky music was playing in a call in the Quacktopia Discord. The reward for surviving this year was a Pumpkin with the name 'I survived Scaretopia 2018'.

Scaretopia 2019

This year was very different to all the previous years. It was hosted on the 26th of October and went from 7pm-9pm. There was a maze that a player could complete in a time and see if they got on the leaderboard. There was also a dance floor room and a Pumpkin Making competition which players could compete on. At the end of the party, mobs swarmed the arena and began killing players. There was also a costume competition which was judged by Sqaishey. There was no reward for surviving this event as death didn't happen for a majority of the event.

Pictures of Spawn:

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