Survival is a gamemode which was released on the 6th of May 2020. This gamemode was hinted at and put as coming soon in early 2016. This gamemode was made and developed by the Admin Cheezybob99. Survival is in the form of an SMP [Survival Multiplayer] where combat isn't a main mechanic of the gamemode, you are able to toggle off pvp by doing /pvp which means you cannot be attacked and people cannot attack you. One of Survivals main mechanics is the concept of claiming land, much like plots, unless you add someone to your claim no-one will be able to interact or damage things in your claim.

In the Hub on Survival there are many shopping vendors who you can buy and sell items with, however the buying price is often a lot more then the selling price. You are also protected against attacks in the hub so you are safe to explore without getting killed.

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