This is the list of all commands which can be used on the Survival Server. If the command here has (player) written after that, it means you put the name of the player without the brackets.)

Main Commands

  • /menu - A generic menu with multiple options in it.
  • /fasttravel - a menu where you can select your fast travel points, ie the town centre, the wild and any homes you've set.
  • /pvp : Toggles pvp, on by default. Can only be toggled on and off every 5 mins.
  • /bal Checks your balance.
  • /baltop (page) -Shows you the top people in terms of money on the server.
  • /tpa (player) - Sends a request to teleport to someone
  • /tpahere (player) - Sends a request for someone to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request.
  • /tpdeny - Denies the teleport request
  • /back - teleports you to the last place you were before you teleported.
  • /wild - Teleports you to a random location, this helps you to escape the area around spawn.
  • /stuck - Teleports you out of the claim you are in (for if you're trapped), if you say something with stuck in the message in chat it'll tell you to do the command if you're stuck in a claim. If you type the command then stand still for 10 seconds you will be teleported out.

Claims Commands

  • /trust (player) - This gives this player access to the entirety of your claim, access to build, destroy and use chests.
  • /containertrust (player) - This gives this player access to only your containers, ie your chests, barrels and shulkers
  • /trapped - This is for if you are trapped inside of a claim, it will eject you at the boundary of the claim. This will not work if you aren't in a claim.
  • /unlockdrops - This will allow players to pick up drops once you've died.
  • /claimexplosions - This toggles whether explosions are allowed inside of the claim.
  • /abandonclaim - This deletes you're claim if you are standing inside of it.
  • /untrust (player) - This removes all permissions you have granted to that player.
  • /accesstrust (player - This gives this player permission to use buttons, levers and beds.
  • /trustlist - Lists the permissions for the claim you're currently standing in
  • /permissionstrust (player) - This gives the player permission to give his or her permission level to another individual of their choosing.
  • /untrust all - This removes ALL permissions on your claim!
  • /abandonallclaims - this deletes all of your claims.
  • /givepet (player) - This gives a pet of your choosing to the player, this will allow them to own the pet, for instance with a dog they can now tell it to stand and sit, you however, will not be able to.
  • /claimschat (/cc) - Like plot chat, it allows you to talk in the claim you are currently in.
  • /expandclaim - expand claim by 1 block on each side.
  • /abandonclaim - Abandons the claim you are currently in

General Commands

  • /ignoreplayer (player) - This allows you to ignore a players chat messages.
  • /unignoreplayer (player) - This allows you to see this players chat messages once again.
  • /IgnoredPlayersList (/ignore without adding (player) )- This lists all the people whom you've ignored.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the survival spawn
  • /hub - Takes you to the hub server
  • /creative- Takes you to the creative server
  • /eggs-1 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-2 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-3 - Takes you to a eggs lobby
  • /eggs-ffa-1 - Takes you to the eggs free for all lobby
  • /rules - Gives you the rules which have to be followed on ALL of Quacktopia
  • /discord - Gives you the link which lets you join the Quacktopia Discord.

Fun Commands

  • /opme - Ops you then deops you!
  • /friend - This is disabled!
  • /pineappleonpizza - Apparently pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
  • /spwan - test
  • /dab - Good Idea
  • /panic - Good Idea
  • /treasure - Does nothing at the moment
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