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Please be sure to follow all these rules whilst on this Wikipedia

  1. Please do not post any non PG content including but not limited to; non-PG photos, videos or text.
  2. Please do not leak ANY information!
  3. Please be respectful towards all users on the Wikipedia.
  4. Advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise stated.
  5. Following fandom's TOS is also a requirement!
  6. Posting private information of ANYONE is strictly prohibited, even if its about yourself.
  7. Please avoid adding pages to the Official, Official Plot, Important, Event, Games and Staff Category.
  8. Please do not use inappropriate language.
  9. Please do not edit another user's Plot Page or another users User Page [without permission].
  10. Please do not discriminate against others for any reason [This includes but isn't limited to a ban on racism, homophobia, abelism, transphobia and sexism].

These rules may change at ANY time so please make sure to check back regularly!